In the last year and a half since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, gains have been made across all types of insurance, from employer-provided health plans to Medicaid, according to a new report. The analysis tallied 22.8 million newly insured and 5.9 million who lost coverage.

Los Angeles Times: New Study Gives More Evidence Of Obamacare Gains For Millions
As congressional Republicans move toward another vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act, new evidence was published Wednesday about the dramatic expansion of insurance coverage made possible by the law. Nearly 17 million more people in the U.S. have gained health insurance since the law’s major coverage expansion began, according to a study from the Rand Corp., a Santa Monica nonprofit research firm. (Levey, 5/6)

Forbes: ACA Triggers Net Gain Of 16.9M More Insured Americans
The Affordable Care Act has been a catalyst for a net increase of 16.9 million Americans gaining health insurance in the last two years via Medicaid expansion and subsidized private coverage with even more people accessing employer-sponsored plans. A new study by the RAND Corp., which looked at a sampling of 1,600 Americans and their “transitions” to and from forms of health coverage between September 2013 and February 2015 and found 22.8 million Americans gained coverage. There were 5.9 million people who also lost coverage, leaving a net increase of 16.9 million, according to the analysis, published in the journal Health Affairs. (Jaspen, 5/6)

In state health law news, a study finds California’s exchange offers narrower hospital networks than commercial insurers. And Kansas is set to launch its first accountable care organization –