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Florida Health Insurance Broker is an eminent firm specializing in Medicare and other health insurance plans. We'll help you choose the plan that is right for you and your family based on your personal health needs, goals and expectations.

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We'll ease the process of finding the best insurance coverage that gives you multiple benefits while helping you understand the policy completely before making the final choice.

" With my 30+ years of industry experience, my goal is to provide you with a suitable plan that is within your budget and yet offers you the best protection."  ~Neil Primack~

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ACA compliant and Short-Term Health Insurance Options

ACA compliant and Short-Term Health Insurance Options

Insurance plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act are available on the Federal government marketplace as well as privately. Contact us to explore private ACA compliant health insurance options.

Peace of mind can also be obtained with more affordable temporary or short-term health insurance plans with a one-to-three-year renewal option.

Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

When you choose a plan, examine it carefully. It is helpful to have a conversation with experts before applying. Short-term plans are not ideal for everyone, especially for those with significant pre-existing issues. Please check your options thoroughly and know that we are there to assist you in making this critical decision.


Florida Health Insurance Broker

Prem Sarita

Independent Agent, West Palm Beach, FL

"I am so grateful to be on Neil Primack’s team. I love his approach with his clients and team. He treats everyone like they are his family or very close friend. He is a perfect example of “The Golden Rule” of treating and interacting with others as he would want them to be with him and his family".

Florida Health Insurance Broker

Charlene Litwin

Director of Litwin & Associates, West Palm Beach, FL

"Neil Primack is an honest, well informed insurance representative. I highly recommend his expertise in choosing the best insurance plans".

Florida Health Insurance Broker

Joseph Stark

Regional Director, UA Sales Division | United American

“Neil is truly a professional with a wealth of insurance knowledge and great customer service skills”.

Florida Health Insurance Broker

Bob Harrigan, Palm Beach, FL

I have worked with Neil Primack on several matters over the past couple of years. He is excellent. He knows his business very well and gives good information about the various options for health insurance, both before age 65 and for Medicare plans.

I would highly recommend him to anyone shopping for the best health care plan at the lowest cost.

Florida Health Insurance Broker

Abby S. Aisenberg, Florida

Neil was an excellent agent who helped me resolve some thorny medication issues and was able to sign me up in a very timely fashion for Medicare and a supplemental policy. He is very professional and knowledgeable in all phases of the process and clearly outlined my options so that I was able to choose the best plan for me.

I highly recommend his services!

Florida Health Insurance Broker

Ruth Newman, Florida

Neil Primack certainly deserves a five star rating. He clarified the Medicare supplement choices and lessened the many concerns that I had in choosing a new policy.

Neil was considerate, kind, and immediately available.

Lisa Wimauma, Florida April 2015

I have nothing but positive things to say about Neil’s ability to handle my need to enroll in a Medigap plan and a drug plan. My situation was unusual, since at my time of enrollment, I was in Pennsylvania, and would be there for several months. He took my situation in stride, conducting one phone conversation, and completing the remaining application needs by email and fax.

He was gracious and thorough in his instructions, even when I encountered a hitch, or needed clarification.

I admit I felt a considerable degree of stress, as I began the process, since I was a new applicant and was worried about my being 1,000 miles away.

I sincerely believe that anyone who selects him as a Medicare agent, will find him to be more than capable.

J. R., North Palm Beach, FL

Neil Primack was very helpful and suggested, but didn’t “push” the insurance products that I ultimately selected for my Medicare Supplements. I appreciated his assistance throughout the entire process, from application to final approval from the Insurance Company.

Everything went smoothly and quickly, thanks to Neil’s help.

Jennifer Smith

Neil has been my go-to for insurance for a number of years. This year, my need expanded to helping my parents with their medicare choices. I have honestly spent a good 12-15 hours on the journey of research to understand and compare. Neil's experience, for me, has been extremely valuable in offering direction and feedback. He availed himself on the phone with all three of us and answered questions in simple terms and wasn't afraid to help us be aware of pros and cons. His email follow ups were timely and thorough without being overwhelming. As we narrowed down the selection he was still right on hand to put it all into effect. My mom said, "Finally, something easy!" Thank you, Neil, for consistent support and sharing your field of expertise with us.

Jennifer Smith, Financial Controller @ Autos of Palm Beach and individual

Richard Sherman

"I found Neil to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. His "no pressure" personality made it a pleasure to explore and select the right plans for my needs."



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