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For All Your Health Insurance Needs

Health Insurance | Medicare Supplements & Advantage Plans | MediGap

Since most insurance companies offering individual health insurance exited Florida, the few remaining tend to be cost-prohibitive. However, you can obtain peace of mind with temporary or short-term health insurance (from 1-36 months).
Even though you can apply for a plan directly from the following links below, examine them carefully. It’s helpful to have a conversation prior to applying, since short term plans are not ideal for everyone, especially those with significant pre-existing conditions. Please call us so we can clarify your options and assist you in making this important decision.

Click HERE for Unitedhealthcare short term health insurance quotes & online application

Click HERE for National General's short term health insurance quotes & online application

Click HERE to visit ACA Qualified Oscar Health Insurance (Available in: Orange, Lake, Osceola and Seminole Counties)

Click HERE to visit our Medicare Supplement site

For more information please call: 561-935-3907 or call toll free at: 1-800-821-7535 or send an email to: